Andreas Klipping Design

AKD specializes in furniture, lighting and functional objects in our immediate surroundings. The office also performs in various fields of design ranging
from exhibition, graphic design to architecture related work.

Andreas Klippinge is an analytical designer with an innovative mindset, fascinated by industrial processes. He believes that the key to good design is simplicity and always has its starting point in the human – who must become curious and intuitive able to understand a product and through time tolerate to consciously and subconsciously
regard it.

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2018 / 03 / 01

Get notized!

Lundqvist Inredningar showcased parts from the new product series Notiz, by Andreas Klippinge Design, at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018. Notiz is a display system that manage to capture the eye's attention, by smart function!

Notiz stores and exposes – magazines, books, newspapers and brochures of various sizes and thicknesses – in a visually attractive way. By using V-shaped compartments, which resemble the shape of an envelope, and elastic threads that runs in a zigzag pattern.

In addition to storage, Notiz also features functions such as magnetic glass writing boards, pinboards, mirrors and an office post/message shelf.

The system is wall mounted or free-standing and available in a variety of combinations and sizes, that function both as single units or combined into systems with multiple modules.

2017 / 10 / 28

Lappset create active park for all ages in Rovaniemi

The whole city's sports park from Lappset activates everyone! When you want to take a break and sit down, you relax on furnitures from the Lappset Nifo series, by Andreas Klippinge Design.

The Rovaniemi Central Park Sports Park combines three generations, providing solutions for playing, sports, senior sports and also taking into account urban sports.

The sports park is located right in the heart of the city, in connection with the central field. The place was already a playground and the first parkour park in Finland. After complete redesign of the area, these elements were accompanied by a complete fitness training complex, a senior sports area for the elderly, a basket ball area and graffiti walls.

2016 / 12 / 02

Nifo part of inclusive playground

Proud to tell you that Lappset used Nifo park furnitures for a public park that meets the diverse needs of users.

The municipality of Lerum in Sweden designed and implemented an accessible playground where every user was taken into account.

In public parks, it is important to take into account the versatile features and needs of the adults and children using the park - including those with functional and physical limitations. It is important that everyone is given equal opportunity to participate in play and sports. Inclusive Design playgrounds are designed to make them such that it is easy for everyone to move and play in them, which encourages all children to play together.

2016 / 04 / 15

Den Nya Kartan / Ö-land

Andreas Klippinge Design was invited to take part of the exhibition Den Nya Kartan: Småland at the art and design museum Vandalorum in Värnamo (read previous blog post for more info). In collaboration with the table top manufacturer Ljungsåsa Andreas Klippinge have designed a set of low tables called Ö-land.

Ö-land has an exclusive table top of walnut, oak and ash. The advanced topographic shape is inspired by the archipelago of Småland (province in Sweden), where Andreas Klippinge grew up. The color difference between the wood species enhances the landscape formation and the chromed table stand is reminiscent of a mirror-like water surface.

The exhibition – Den Nya Kartan – is open between 9/4–29/5 at Vandalorum, showing a total of 40 collaborations between designers and industries/workshops from both the province of Skåne and Småland. Welcome!

2016 / 02 / 05

Den Nya Kartan

From handicraft to industry – Den Nya Kartan / The New Map is showcasing the possibilities of local collaborations, between industries and designers/artists. The first round of Den Nya Kartan took place in the province of Skåne, with 24 different collaborations. As the exhibition moves to Vandalorum (museum of contemporary art and design in Värnamo, Småland, Sweden) the time has come for the province of Småland – well known for its large number of small industries – and the start-up of 16 new collaborations. Andreas Klippinge Design is happy to have been selected as one of the sixteen designer/artists to participate, teamed up together with industrial wood workshop Ljungsåsa, specialized in exclusive tabletops for home and public environment.

The exhibition is curated by Jenny Nordberg: Den Nya Kartan is a contribution to the debate on how local and small-scale production can be part of a sustainable society. Invitations to participate were sent out to designers and manufacturers. The invitations were preceded by a match-making exercise where we looked at earlier projects and skills and created constellations that felt exciting and challenging for everyone involved.