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Andreas Klippinge is a sustainable designer with an innovative mindset, specializing in design for industrial manufacturing of furniture, lighting and functional everyday objects.
He believes that the key to good design is simplicity and to let human behaviors be the source of inspiration. The final product should be humble towards the user, long lasting, effective and include details that improve everyday life and give the eyes satisfaction.

AKD has a fascination for industrial production and values close collaboration with a limited number of companies. A sustainable design perspective runs through all partnerships in the form of conscious material choices and manufacturing processes, that not only take economical but also environmental and social aspects into account.

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2018 / 03 / 01

Get notized!

Lundqvist Inredningar showcased parts from the new product series Notiz, by Andreas Klippinge Design, at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018. Notiz is a display system that manage to capture the eye's attention, by smart function!

Notiz stores and exposes – magazines, books, newspapers and brochures of various sizes and thicknesses – in a visually attractive way. By using V-shaped compartments, which resemble the shape of an envelope, and elastic threads that runs in a zigzag pattern.

In addition to storage, Notiz also features functions such as magnetic glass writing boards, pinboards, mirrors and an office post/message shelf.

The system is wall mounted or free-standing and available in a variety of combinations and sizes, that function both as single units or combined into systems with multiple modules.