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Andreas Klippinge is a sustainable designer with an innovative mindset, specializing in design for industrial manufacturing of furniture, lighting and functional everyday objects.
He believes that the key to good design is simplicity and to let human behaviors be the source of inspiration. The final product should be humble towards the user, long lasting, effective and include details that improve everyday life and give the eyes satisfaction.

AKD has a fascination for industrial production and values close collaboration with a limited number of companies. A sustainable design perspective runs through all partnerships in the form of conscious material choices and manufacturing processes, that not only take economical but also environmental and social aspects into account.

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2024 / 02 / 13

Introducing Alta designed for Nola

During the Stockholm furniture fair 2024, the Alta series of lounge furniture for indoor and outdoor use was presented. Alta is Andreas Klippinge Design's first collaboration with Nola. Their products can be found in almost every Swedish city and Nola's market-leading range extends from classic forms to expressive designs for everything from dynamic public outdoor environments and parks to traffic and pedestrian streets.

Alta is inspired by steel furniture from the early 1900s, the modular concept allows the same piece of furniture to be adapted from a pouf to a bench, to a lounge chair and on to a screened sofa.

Alta is a furniture series that combines style and functionality in an elegant way. It strives to be simple, robust and inclusive while being adaptable to different needs and situations.

2023 / 09 / 30

Kompis becomes part of public artwork

My park sofa "Kompis" will get several new friends when the artwork "Inflyttarna" by Johanna Karlin is unveiled today, Saturday 30 September. The location is Stockholm's newest square, Hagaplan, outside Nya Karolinska.

The Kompis seats are part of an installation with a number of benches from different parts of Sweden. Kompis are part of the constellation "Utlöparna", which emerges from the underground and at the same time brings up the colours of Hagaplan metro station with it.

Read more about Johanna Karlin's artwork Inflyttarna.

2023 / 03 / 28

Andreas Klippinge receives a one-year work scholarship

I am so happy and honored to tell you that I am one of several recipients of a one-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The scholarships are aimed at professional artists and are intended to provide time for continued artistic work. Guiding for the distribution is artistic quality, that the applicant is working and has financial need for the scholarship.

Thank you so very much the Swedish Arts Grants Committee!

2023 / 03 / 15

Tamburin expands at Stockholm Furniture Fair

During Stockholm furniture fair 2023 the hallway furniture manufacturer Essem Design presented a new member in the product family Tamburin, designed by Andreas Klippinge. The space saving Tamburin hook strip lies flat against the wall and the hooks fold out with a flick of the finger when needed.

With Tamburin, function is always in focus, it is the basis of the product family, a straight and rounded shape follows. Which in turn is characterized by natural oak or stained ash and painted steel sheet. The noble wood stands for the feeling and high quality of the furniture and the metal for its finesse. Enjoy!

2021 / 11 / 25

Lyster for ateljé Lyktan

I am so happy because today I found ateljé Lyktan introducing my first design for the company. Lyster a robust luminaire with a modern design language.

Ateljé Lyktan in Ĺhus, is a lighting manufacturer with an 85-year long history and an archive of lights that have defined Swedish design over the last century. It feels great for my studio to be associated with one of my absolute favorite design companies! I am already looking forward working together with the fantastic people at ateljé Lyktan again.